Ultra Rare, Original Star Wars Conversion Van Surfaces For Under $10K

Sep 16, 2019 2 min read
Ultra Rare, Original Star Wars Conversion Van Surfaces For Under $10K

Prove that you're the ultimate Star Wars fan in this Dodge van.

Many people claim to be a fan of Star Wars, but this 1979 Dodge van is intended only for a true diehard aficionado. Listed for sale in San Antonio, Texas on Craigslist, this custom conversion van will leave no doubt who the biggest Star Wars fan in your neighborhood really is.

1979 Dodge Star Wars Van

According to the listing, this van was created two years after the original Star Wars movie (aka, Episode IV - A New Hope) debuted in 1977, and all of the paint and decals are original to the van – although we're not sure if that's the case with the Chewbacca window sticker. Along each side of the van is the Hans Solo quote: "traveling through hyperspace ain't like dustin' crops."

This van's look is more than just stickers, though. The roof spoiler and custom taillights add a really cool look, and the offset mag wheels makes it look like an A-Team/Star Wars crossover. The van's door handles have been shaved, but as far as getting in the van, the current owner doesn't know how to open operate the doors so you'll either have to crawl through the back door or rely on the Force. Once inside, the interior is just as customized as the exterior with a unique white and red seats designed to look like a cockpit of '70s era spacecraft.

The last thing you'd want to happen is to break down is such a unique truck, so it has been maintained and upgraded over the years. Under the hood is what the owner believes to be a 318 CID V8 equipped with functional side pipes, new battery and a new carburetor.

1979 Dodge Star Wars Van

If you're the ultimate Star Wars fan and you want to flaunt it, you better check out this listing on Craigslist; it's currently listed for $9,800, which seems like a good deal for this kind of custom van in this condition.


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