Bask In The Playful Nature Of This 1972 Fiat 500L Coupe

Oct 24, 2019 1 min read
Bask In The Playful Nature Of This 1972 Fiat 500L Coupe

This fun Italian classic is headed for the auction block soon.

Seeing a car like this 1972 Fiat 500L Coupe will automatically put a smile on your face. From the playful Tropical Turquoise accentuating those curves everyone finds so inviting to a tasteful Tan interior, this is the kind of vehicle you drive to truly savor life. It’s crossing the auction block in about a month, thanks to The Republic Auction Co., so this could be your chance to own a piece of pure automotive joy.

A high-quality restoration ensures this Fiat is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but also has an historically accurate presentation. That bright paint looks virtually flawless, just like the chrome treatments to the bumpers, door handles, hubcaps, and other trim pieces. Correct Cinturato tires complete the fantastic exterior presentation.

You might be shocked by how nice the interior of this little car is. The “L” stands for “Lusso” in Italian. This is the luxury edition of the little Italian car everyone loves, so that means there are some upgraded amenities. One of the biggest differences between it and other Fiat 500s is the leather upholstery and nicer dashboard. A folding sunroof allows you to let the fresh air and more sunlight in when the weather is nice.

This car uses the correct 478cc 2-cylinder engine mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. The simplicity driving such a machine provides is unforgettable as you feel at one with the car, the road, and all your surroundings.

Fiat developed the 500 and released it in 1957 to compete against the wildly popular Volkswagen Beetle. Offer a decidedly Italian flair for styling and sensibility, it was an instant success at home and abroad. Today, this tiny car is still beloved by many.

If you want to make this car yours, look up the auction information and register to bid in advance.

Also, you might want to check out the other lots headed to auction here.

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