Get Demonic In This Old School Cool Dodge

Nov 20, 2019 2 min read
Own The Original Dodge Demon

Although different than the newest release, the classic Dodge Demon was made to perform!

The modern Dodge Demon may have taken over the moniker when it comes to  popularity, but it was not the first to carry the name. This classic 1972 Dodge Demon from GR Auto Gallery is an excellent reminder that the badge was initially worn by a car that now screams of collector status.

Initially introduced as a value package product by Mopar, the Dodge Demon was designed to carry stance and trim similar to that of the Dodge Dart. The body was based on the Plymouth Duster, shortened for an overall length that’s about four inches shorter.

Own The Original Dodge Demon

Dodge advertised the Demon as a performance car, produced over a short first-generation run of 1971 and 1972 year models. Fast forward to 2019, and among the Mopar collector market, there has been a breakout of cars like this one due to its smaller stature.

Even though it’s not rocking a massive 440 six pack engine, a 360 cubic inch engine stuffed into an A-Body is a recipe for some serious drag racing - not to mention the fun you'll have driving it with its four-speed transmission. The engine in the car is a rebuilt bored out 318 cubic inch V8 with only 500 miles on it since it was refreshed -- this build has tons of life left in it!

Own The Original Dodge Demon

This example has a striking Plum Crazy Purple exterior with Demon badging, and black leather interior inside. It has a new audio system, and is in great condition overall.

Then there’s the matter of the punchy 1972 Demon being a low production car, with only ,000 produced, and certainly far fewer still in existence - more than enough to make it a collectable based on this factor.

Priced at only $26,900, it's quite a bit more affordable than the comeback nameplate - you can check it out here to make an offer.

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