1970 Plymouth Road Runner Will Drive You Plum Crazy

Jul 17, 2019 2 min read
1970 Plymouth Road Runner Will Drive You Plum Crazy

This no-nonsense American muscle car is big on performance.

They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes, but whoever started that saying obviously has never driven this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner. It has a legendary engine for plenty of tire-shredding fun, plus the paint color everyone lusts after. This fine specimen of classic American muscle is being offered for sale through Silverstone Motorcars.

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Will Drive You Plum Crazy

This Plymouth hits super hard with the 440ci V8 which is fed by 3 2bbl carbs called the Six Pack. Rated at 425-horsepower, this engine outmuscled the competition and pushed the Road Runner to new heights right at the pinnacle of the muscle car wars. The 4-speed manual transmission was fully rebuilt, so it features a new shaft and gears. Just know the drivetrain is non-numbers matching, but it still smokes any tires you throw on the rear end with its 3.54 Posi which was rebuilt by Curry Enterprise. You also get the reassurance of a new radiator and fuel tank, plus new wiring, addressing some of the common issues with this car.

Silky smooth, the Plum Crazy Purple is exactly the paint color you want on this car. Thanks to an extensive restoration job, the finish absolute shines along with the brightwork. Yellow stripes with cartoon Road Runners, hood pins, black striping and 400-6 graphics on the hood, plus nice Magnum wheels complete the exceptional exterior presentation. The interior is two-tone with  white vinyl seats and door panels, plus black carpeting and dash.

A restyling of the Plymouth Road Runner for 1970 reshaped the grille, hood, fenders, and rear panel for a leaner appearance. Aside from the Super Bird, a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner with the 440 engine is the most desirable setup today, making this particular car quite valuable. It will no doubt keep appreciating in value over time since it’s a symbol of Mopar performance from a legendary time in American automotive history.

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