1939 Ford Deluxe From Arizona Is Untouched And Unequaled

Jul 17, 2019 2 min read
1939 Ford Deluxe From Arizona Is Untouched And Unequaled

This is far from a rusty old bucket.

Cars built before World War II can be so unique and fun to own, like this 1939 Ford Deluxe convertible. This ride has a lot of character, including a rumble seat and paint older than some college graduates. The fact this Ford looks as good as it does is miraculous. What it really needs now is a good home and someone who will care for it.

A striking Raven Black paint job shines up nicely. Under close inspection you’ll find some small cracks and other blemishes here and there, but the paint was applied to the car over 30 years ago, so that’s not a surprise. Also shining in the sunlight is the brightwork on the bumpers, door handles, etc. The black top was replaced just a few years ago, so it looks fresh, and it comes with a matching boot. You get to stare at those pearly white walls which encircle the classic Ford V8 insignia stamped into the hubcaps.

Climb inside this Deluxe and you’ll feel like you’ve truly gone back in time. All those original gauges, Bakelite knobs and switches, steering wheel, face clock, and heater are present. A rich wood dash and door panels add plenty of character you don’t really see too often these days. Brown leather for the bench seat and rumble seat is still supple and presentable.

This car is powered by a period-correct Ford flathead V8, which was rebuilt a few years ago by an aircraft engineer who has a passion for these classics. Not only does the engine start without trouble, it runs smoothly. You get the fun of a 3-speed manual transmission, too.

1939 Ford Deluxe models were designed by Bob Gergorie, who got his start as a yacht designer, and so there are numerous boat-like styling elements on the car. Even more importantly, this vehicle was the first Ford to use hydraulic brakes. The seller states this car’s current owner has had it since 1992, so it’s not something that’s been passed through too many hands. You can add this Ford to your personal collection by contacting Canyon State Classics.

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