1970 AMC AMX Primed To Start Bidding War

Sep 9, 2019 2 min read
1970 AMC AMX Primed To Start Bidding War

Not many of these high-performance sports cars are still around.

Back before the muscle car wars, American Motors was seen as mostly focusing on small, practical economy cars. The Javelin helped change that perception, showing the automaker could hang with the big boys in the pony niche. After that came the AMX, which revolutionized the company’s image further. You can own a piece of that historic move by purchasing this 1970 AMC AMX, which is both rare and incredibly interesting.

The car is in fantastic shape, in part thanks to the previous owner having purchased it way back in 1980. It’s obvious they valued this AMX, preserving the original interior as well as plenty of other factory equipment like the Big Bad Blue paint and ultra-cool side pipes. Most people would rightfully believe this ride has been restored.

That original setup includes the factory 360ci V8 4bbl engine with 258-horsepower on tap. An Air Grabber hood helps keep the fresh oxygen flowing in. There’s also a 3-seed Commando automatic transmission. All that really gets those factory-optional Rally wheels spinning.

An all-original Blue interior looks almost like this car just drove off the dealer lot for the first time. Both door panels show zero damage, while the seat upholstery is near flawless. Even the steering wheel, controls, and wood grain accents have a glossy luster. There’s also the OE AM/FM radio and optional center console, plus the Tach and Gauge Package.

One thing that really sets the American Motors AMX apart from the crowd is the fact it only comes with two seats. Many mistake this for a muscle car like the Dodge Charger or Chevy Chevelle when it’s actually more akin to the Corvette.

With only 4,116 AMXs made by American Motors in 1970, this car isn’t exactly in high supply on the market today. Finding one in any condition takes some effort, never mind locating a vehicle so well-preserved with the factory setup. If you’re interested in making this AMX yours, register to bid on it through GAA Classic Cars.

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