Cadillac Ranch Was A Target Of Arson

Sep 9, 2019 2 min read
Cadillac Ranch Was A Target Of Arson

The arsonist(s) still haven't been caught

The iconic Cadillac Ranch is a popular landmark right outside of Amarillo, Texas, right off of historic Route 66 and I-40 in the Texas panhandle. Erected in 1974, a row of ten Cadillacs stick out of the ground by their noses and stand tall over those who stop. Visitors bring cans of spray paint while visiting the interactive art exhibit, and decades of layered spray paint seems to almost drip off each car while sitting in the Texas sun. Cadillac Ranch is free to those wanting to stop by and stretch their legs while taking in a piece of American history.

Cadillac Ranch Was A Target Of Arson

Last night, the oldest Cadillac on the site was set ablaze by an arsonist that still remains on the loose. Luckily, the Cadillac in question is still of sound structure, but decades of paint has been burned off the car leaving a burnt and mostly blank canvas. While nobody was hurt, it was still a senseless act of vandalism.

Cadillac Ranch Was A Target Of Arson

The Cadillac Ranch Facebook page posted this message with a photo of the burnt car:

"Last night, the oldest of the 10 Cadillacs was set on fire. Though we're heartbroken by this act of vandalism and the layers of history that were so carelessly destroyed, fortunately, the structural integrity of the Cadillac is still sound. When all is said and done, the Cadillac Ranch still stands as a testament to time, beauty, art, and history—despite the callous attempt to erase it. Much like their West Texas home, these Cadillacs are iconic for their strength—through adversity, drought, wind, and fire, they remain standing through the decades."

Anybody that knows any information regarding the incident is said to contact Potter County Sherriff's Office at (806) 379-2900. Officials say that charges will be pressed against the individual or individuals responsible for the fire damage.

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