Custom Bronco Is SEMA Royalty

Nov 4, 2019 2 min read
Custom Bronco Is SEMA Royalty

Dubbed ‘Urban Madness’, this incredible SEMA show Bronco could be your next favorite car.

Ralph Holguin is known for building unique creations by borrowing inspiration from street rods, and lowriders, and somehow blending these contradictory aspects together to make some brilliant. When he got enlisted to launch his show, RMD Garage, on the Velocity Network a few years back, he wanted to take the situation as a chance to build something different - thus, ‘Urban Madness’ was born from a 1969 Ford Bronco.

Ralph explains in a 2017 interview with outlet, LFTD & LVLD, that the classic Bronco has always been on his radar, “I’ve always had an affinity for the Ford Bronco and I wanted to build one that really stood out,” Ralph Explains. “Ideally, we wanted ‘Urban Madness’ to be elegant, yet rugged, and could be driven every day.”

1969 Ford Bronco SEMA Build Up For Grabs

Taking inspiration from the concrete jungles of L.A., Ralph’s team built this classic SUV to handle the apocalypse in style. They accomplished just that, earning lots of attention at SEMA, as well as spots on TV and in magazine features, but it wasn’t a build that came without its challenges, as it was something they’d never done before.

“A good friend of mine always wanted to see what I could do if I had the chance to build a Bronco,” Ralph admits. “I love challenges and knew that the RMD Garage team and I would be able to not only deliver, but do it with custom one-off pieces that we designed since I wanted it to be unique.”


He worked with the aftermarket industry to bring the vision to life, and in great detail. It includes custom Go Rhino bumpers, a Go Rhino roof rack with sPOD controlled lights, and sheet metal safari doors. The upholstery is expertly handcrafted to give it a sense of luxury, while maintaining the urban theme. A Small Block Ford engine, suspension, and audio all feature some impressive upgrades.

It’s a little surprising anytime you see a SEMA build end up on eBay, but sometimes car builders just have to make room for the next project. We’d love to see this set as an auction open for bids to see what people would offer, but (at least for now) it’s set with a Buy It Now price for $149,800.

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