See A Woman Ride A 1969 Ducati 350CC Race Bike

Dec 5, 2019 2 min read
See A Woman Ride A 1969 Ducati 350CC Race Bike

It’s always great to see dads get their kids into a love of wheeled machines.

We hear pretty often about men who are into cars thanks to a dad who was always wrenching on them. This story is a little different but is becoming more common, with a woman who races motorcycles thanks to her father’s influence. It’s pretty neat to see how Marja Elisat’s passion has helped her to be more independent and driven in general.

The highlighted vehicle in this video is a beautiful 1969 Ducati single-cylinder 350cc race motorcycle. Freshly rebuilt, the engine uses some high-performance components like a forged high-compression piston and a 40mm Dell’Orto carb. The Ducati has been modified in other ways over time to make it more competitive on the track, including a racing frame made in Italy and an upgraded drum brake for the front wheel.

Watching Elisat whip the Ducati through turns on the track is soothing. The sound of the single-cylinder 350cc engine revving, the sight of the bike negotiating apexes with grace, and even the scenery around the track make for great viewing on any day. It’s also enough to make anyone want to hop on a classic motorcycle and go for a relaxing ride through the countryside.

While it’s certainly a captivating bike, the Ducati holds a special significance since Elisat’s father raced it when he was younger. That it’s been passed down from one generation to another is pretty neat.

There’s a lot to be said for mastering a skill, especially when it comes to riding motorcycles competitively. Because Elisat has dedicated so much energy to learning to ride better, it’s obvious she’s become more focused than many of her peers in other areas.

This story is just another one to refute the claim that kids these days don’t care about cars. As more realize social media and other digital distractions aren’t as meaningful as fun in the real world, cars and motorcycles will become that much more important.

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