Camaro Build With LS2 Had Limitless Budget

Jun 7, 2019 2 min read
Camaro Build With LS2 Had Limitless Budget

This Chevrolet has a Fender custom interior and a rather potent engine swap awaiting the new owner.

There’s just something cool about a Camaro. With the sixties generation, you can just feel the passion driving Pete Estes to topple Ford with their Mustang back in 1966, along with his iconic press conference: “Camaro is a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs for breakfast.”

Although the car offered here by Garage Kept Motors may not win over the purists, it certainly wins us over. This 1969 model is arguably one of the more sought after and attractive models in the Camaro’s decorated history. The vendor even hints at the fact this build had a limitless budget.

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Despite not being able to confirm what specific model this Camaro started life as thanks to de-badging, perhaps its original build spec is less important today, thanks to a host of upgrades to make it a classic you can use without worry or concern.

Look under the hood and an LS2 will greet you, attached to a presumably modern automatic matching transmission. Judging by the fact that these motors push out 400 horsepower in their most casual guise, we’d expect this to be one quick car. A brief squint over the engine components and a performance cone filter appears to be the most obvious upgrade above stock.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro LS2 restomod

Finished in black with red accents it certainly gives the impression that there’s quite a sting in its tail. Throw in the chromed wheels and a top quality Fender interior makeover, and this is surely the cruiser to beat all cruisers. Hiding beneath those svelte wheels are a set of upgrades brakes, which always hint at a performance cars potential.

With side exit exhausts protruding behind the doors, it certainly has a way of subtly pointing towards the cars potential. Look inside and a set of Autometer gauges greet you, along with all the auxiliary gauges you could possibly want to ensure your LS2’s smooth operation whilst burbling off to Route 66.

For more information on this Camaro, visit Garage Kept Motors.

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