Ride In True Luxury With A Custom 1939 Cadillac Model 75 Limousine

Aug 13, 2019 2 min read
Ride In True Luxury With A Custom 1939 Cadillac Model 75 Limousine

The finest details and groundbreaking amenities all rolled into one vehicle.

Cars have come a long way in the past century. Still, it’s impressive to see the amount of luxurious appointments and finely-crafted details included in this 1939 Cadillac Model 75 Limousine. Making it even more interesting is the fact a mere two like this were ever built, and only one survives. Both commissioned by one of the wealthiest men in America at the time, it has details you won’t find in any other Cadillac.

Ride In True Luxury With A Custom 1939 Cadillac Model 75 Limousine

Swooping, elegant custom bodywork done by the Herman C. Brunn company out of Buffalo, New York absolutely sets this Cadillac apart from the rest. The panels are aluminum hammered out by hand, with only the smallest imperfections visible today. Solid bronze makes up windshield frame, center pillars, and all the handles/levers. As was common at the time, the chauffer’s compartment is open, with the windshield and doors enclosing the space, plus an innovative retracting convertible top. Spare tires on the front fenders are enclosed in covers which match the rest of the body, so they detract little from the car’s appearance. Wide whitewall tires, period-correct hubcaps, and the “flying lady” hood ornament top everything off.

While the chauffer compartment is luxurious with a black leather split bench and features the original Bakelite steering wheel, it’s the rear compartment that truly shines. Gray felting on the door panels, pillars, and even the headliner is complemented by the tufted and buttoned bench seat with plenty of soft padding. Mahogany is visible throughout. Extras like thermostatic controls, cabinets for storing makeup and cigars, fold-down jump seats, and a St. Christopher emblem made by Hermes of Paris really emphasize this is a car like no other.

For 1939, Cadillac only made 13 semi-custom formal open front town cars, so finding something even somewhat similar to this limousine would prove difficult. This one uses a 346ci V8 that’s in its original condition and is surrounded by an exceptionally clean engine compartment. To inquire about this Cadillac, contact Classic Auto Mall.

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