1968 Dodge Dart GTS Is A Lightly Used Heavy Hitter

Jun 5, 2019 2 min read
1968 Dodge Dart GTS Is A Lightly Used Heavy Hitter

This compact muscle car has some real bite.

While some people might think the overall unassuming looks of this 1968 Dodge Dart GTS, combined with those telltale bumblebee stripes on the tail, isn’t anything special, discerning gearheads know differently. Dodge had poured its energy into making the Dart GTS fast and affordable, further cementing its position as brand for cheap speed.

The real gem included in this car is the 340ci V8 engine, putting 275-horsepower on tap. To help the engine breathe easily, a factory free-flowing exhaust is included. The Rallye suspension keeps everything tight, helping this ride to hit the curves in the road just right, so you aren’t constantly wrangling it back into its lane.

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If you’re thinking this car is in too good of shape for a 1968, keep in mind it only has 7.740 miles on the odometer. That’s why the exterior and interior are both in top condition, preserving the factory look throughout. The green paint and white stripes, plus all the badges, trim, and factory Rally wheels present extremely well. What’s more, the GTS hood makes it clear this isn’t your run-of-the-mill Dart.

You’ll be pleased to know the interior of this car still has all the factory switchgear and gauges. Cream vinyl seats and door panels is free of stains and damage, while the chrome trim pieces are all shined for a clean appearance. There’s the factory AM radio still installed, plus an 8-track player. A driver’s remote mirror is a luxurious feature.

Dodge launched the fourth generation Dart in 1967, the same year it started the famous Dodge Fever marketing campaign. The Dart GTS was marketed alongside the Charger R/T and Coronet R/T, making it the version of the compact car everyone wanted. Since many were raced and wrecked, this opportunity from Classic Car Liquidators to own such a rare classic is unique.

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