Could This Be The Lowest-Mileage 1965 Mustang Fastback Around?

Jan 30, 2019 2 min read
Could This Be The Lowest-Mileage 1965 Mustang Fastback Around?

Currently up for sale, this Mustang K-code seems to be attracting bidders due to the low mileage on the clock.

Although it looks pretty rough, this could be one of the lowest mileage 1965 Mustangs around. It’s already pulling in some serious bids on eBay, and there’s still a long ways to go on the ad. Outside of having only 3977 original miles, the seller indicates that the Pony Car has a few other notable features, including being a former record holder.

Located in Nokesville, Virginia, this 1965 Ford Mustang K-code fastback apparently comes from a racing lineage. The seller states in the ad that the car was raced from June 1965 up until 1967, where it was then stored in a warehouse. Considering the low mileage, racing seems to be the only thing the car did during the two years. It was raced the Old Bridge, New Jersey where it held a quarter-mile record at the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park track.

Could This Be The Lowest-Milage 1965 Mustang Fastback Around?

As it sits, it is documented to prove the miles, and also has a numbers matching engine and transmission - the kicker is, you have to actually install them back into the car yourself since they’re separate from the Mustang’s body. What likely happened here was, someone wanted to repaint and restore the car, but never got around to it. The good thing about the powertrain being out already is, the next owner can take it straight to the body shop for a proper overhaul before dropping the professionally refreshed engine in.

Otherwise, the Pony Car is all original, with the exception of the hood and fenders, and the inner front aprons, radiator support, floor pans, torque boxes have zero rust and are in perfect shape, according to the seller. The inner apron, buck tag, and door tags all match, and the body and jambs are all still wearing the original Rangoon Red.

Apparently, the low mileage is enough to overlook the flaws of this Mustang, because the current bid is $31,400, the highest of nine bids so far. After a quick price match search, this is much higher than similar examples in running and driving condition.

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