Snag This 1965 Cobra Superformance MKIII 427SC

Sep 16, 2019 2 min read
Snag This 1965 Cobra Superformance MKIII 427SC

A recreated classic roadster boasting modern power

The original Cobra is an American icon, but originals are hard to come by and require deep pockets. Superformance recreates these legendary cars by using the highest quality parts to turn a classic rolling chassis into a modern-powered beast. Hillbank Motor Corporation is proud to offer this meticulously crafted 1965 Cobra Superformance MKIII 427SC with only 10,000 miles on the clock.

Snag This 1965 Cobra Superformance MKIII 427SC

Painted in a gorgeous Titanium Silver adorned with black Le Mans dual stripes, this ’65 Cobra MKIII is more than ready to hit the road. Further complementing the exterior aesthetic is the chrome trim surrounding the headlights, turn signals, roll bar, and brass windscreen frame. Carriage-style latches secure the doors like on an original Cobra.

Another thing that is distinctive to the Cobra is the open cockpit. Inside SP02929 are period correct Smith Gauges with a Lucas Ammeter gauge. The dash and steel-framed seats are wrapped in leather. For increased strength and support, all openings such as the engine bay, trunk, and cockpit are wrapped around the steel subframe.

Snag This Gorgeous 1965 Cobra Superformance MKIII 427SC

Powering this gorgeous roadster is a Roush Performance 427SR backed by a Tremec TKO600 five-speed manual transmission. That combination allows for this lightweight classic to put out an impressive 515-horsepower. All Superformance MKIII’s feature a high-performance aluminum radiator complete with thermostatically controlled twin electric fans and aluminum limited-slip differentials. In addition, this MKIII is equipped with a period correct oil cooler with the shroud and all fittings. Bring everything to a stop is Wilwood power disc 4-piston brakes.

This MKIII Rolling Chassis with this pairing is the most sought-after and most purchased package that Superformance produces. Reproductions of the originals, these cars are built under a license from Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., and they hold their resale values. This classic gem is titled as a 1965 Shelby, and it is available for $79,950. Feel free to make an offer here.


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