1964 Chevy Nova V8 Wagon Runs Strong

Sep 4, 2019 2 min read
1964 Chevy Nova V8 Wagon Runs Strong

This wagon is also super clean inside and out.

Driving a vintage car can be a lot of fun, especially since they have more character than vehicles made these days. However, you likely will find the cargo capacity isn’t stellar, unless you opt for something like this 1964 Chevrolet Nova V8 Wagon. Fold down the rear tailgate and you have access to plenty of room to take along whatever you need for a cruise, car meet, or any other activity.

1964 Chevy Nova V8 Wagon Runs Strong

As you can clearly see in the photos, this classic Chevy is ready to be put on display. The Azure Aqua over Aqua color scheme, plus a contrasting white roof sure is easy on the eyes. Correct wheel covers, badging, and bright chrome all come together for an exceptional look.

This wagon runs strong, thanks to the correct 283ci V8 having been rebuilt. Same thing goes for the Powerglide transmission, so gear transitions come effortlessly, so you can just drive without worry. Plenty of work has been done on this ride to ensure it work great for you, including the installation of new weatherstripping and seals, re-anodizing various moldings, plus new hoses and belts having been put in, among other items.

You’ll find all major systems run without problems, with the exception of the non-functional factory radio. All the other OE gauges and controls work, including the horn, temperature gauge, and turn signals. The door panels, vinyl upholstery, and carpeting all look about as close as you can get to perfect.

In the beginning, the 1962 Chevy Nova was an economy car with no pretenses of being anything else. It was in 1964 that a V8 option was added, turning the lightweight vehicle into a performance beast. That makes it a highly sought-after car by enthusiasts and collectors alike, so adding it to your garage is a wise move. If you’re interested, contact Classic Car Liquidators.

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