Survivor 1963 Ford Thunderbird Is All-Original

Aug 22, 2019 1 min read
Survivor 1963 Ford Thunderbird Is All-Original

The condition of this T-Bird is absolutely amazing.

Sometimes you run across some automotive gems which seem almost too good to be true. Orlando Classic Cars says this 1963 Ford Thunderbird not only is completely original, it has only 2,600 miles on it since the car was brand new. Someone lucky will be able to show this beauty off.

Acquired in an estate sale recently, it’s obvious the owner of this T-Bird cared for it meticulously. Instead of having a buildup of patina or grime, the Black paint has a wonderful luster to it. Shined to perfection, this car could easily be put on display at a show and do quite well. All the chrome is shiny and virtually perfect, as are the wheels. That same level of preservation is found inside, making this car a time capsule on wheels.

The stock 390ci FE V8 runs strong and smooth. Paired to it is an automatic transmission, adding to the luxurious feel of this cruiser. New tires have been installed, along with a new battery. Other than those, everything else is what the car had when it rolled out of the factory back in the 60s.

The Ford Thunderbird or T-Bird is an icon of American cars. Introduced in 1955, it was continuously produced through 1997 over ten generations. An eleventh and final generation launched in 2002 and end after 2005. The third generation lasted only three years, ending with 1963, featuring sleek styling which earned it the nickname “Roundbird.”

For 1963, Ford did some minor restyling of the front fenders, doors, and used a new grille, which helped the car achieve an even simpler, cleaner appearance. Ford built 63,313 1963 Thunderbirds, but many of those haven’t survived to modern times. Of those which have, few if any are in even close to the same kind of condition as this one, making it unique.

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