Start Your Vintage Off-Road Collection With These Toyota FJs

Aug 22, 2019 2 min read
Start Your Vintage Off-Road Collection With These Toyota FJs

These classic Fjs are worth more than their asking price in upgrades!

The Willy’s Jeep was not only deemed as one of the top six most vital vehicles of WWII but by 1945 was responsible for bringing the term 4-wheel drive to households around the world. It inspired a whole new category of vehicles and under military orders in 1941, Toyota, Japans leading automobile manufacturer, began making their own version of the iconic design. A design that in and of itself was also iconic.

By 1955, Toyota began designing their ‘Jeep’ as a more civilian use oriented vehicle. The FJ series, brought civilians across the world a part of the Land Cruiser that once climbed up to the sixth stage of Mount Fiji in a more ergonomic design that secured the Land Cruiser’s place in automotive history.

For the past 18 years, Vintage Cruisers has been an invaluable source for finding, restoring, servicing, and outfitting classic Land Cruisers. With a passion for these incredibly capable 4-wheel drive vehicles, they have developed a reputation of delivering some of the best and most well put together Land Cruisers available. Even if they don’t have what you are looking for in stock, they can find it for you or have it built. However, with an extensive inventory up for sale on their website, it is unlikely Vintage Classics doesn’t have a classic Land Cruiser to meet anyone’s needs.

For an enthusiast looking for an original looking Vintage Land Cruiser that drives like a new one, Vintage Cruisers has a stunning 1967 FJ45 pickup for sale. A $150,000 restoration brought this FJ45 back to life and modern options like power steering, 4 wheel disc brakes, and new air conditioning makes it better than it came from the factory. It gets its power from a new 4-speed transmission backed modern 2F engine making this old Toyota capable of cruising at over 70 MPH on the highway.

Pair Of Fully Restored And Upgraded Toyota FJs

On the other end of the spectrum, the 1970 Toyota FJ40 among Vintage Cruisers’ stock is geared more towards the higher performance crowd. Featuring a new fuel injected 5.3-liter GM Vortec V8 engine backed by an automatic transmission, this Land Cruiser is truly a one of a kind 300HP custom.

Other modern features include power steering, Wilwood 4-Wheel disc brakes, new air conditioning, and a full custom interior with heated seats. It too went through a $150,000 frame off restoration and with both of these vehicles being basically new a high price tag would be expected. However, right now both of these Land Cruisers are listed for sale for less than 50% of the build cost and could be snatched up for $69,900 a piece.

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