1959 Chevy Apache Wears A Perfect Patina

Aug 8, 2019 1 min read
1959 Chevy Apache Wears A Perfect Patina

It also packs a stroker V8.

A trend in classic cars lately is to hire a talented artist to airbrush the appearance of a weathered patina on your vehicle. It’s an interesting concept, but even better is to find something which has earned an organic patina over the course of decades. This 1959 Chevrolet Apache is just such a classic.

While some might think the weathered looks means this truck is in poor shape, nothing could be further from the truth. The undercarriage looks fantastic, with no signs of rust or corrosion. You’ll also note the bumpers, grille, headlight surrounds, and other trim pieces are in fantastic condition. In the bed are freshly finished wood slats with no warping.

It was obviously a deliberate choice to leave the beautiful patina on this Apache. It gives the truck character and depth, making it really stand out from other survivors. Under that weathered skin are some impressive mechanicals, mainly a cate 383ci stroker V8 engine with 420-horsepower on reserve. Mated to that is a 4-speed manual, with a classic white shifter knob. You know everything is set up correctly since the work was done by professionals at JP Race Cars. What’s more, chromed and polished parts abound under the hood, making this truck worth of showing off when parked.

Be wowed by the interior. It preserves the original dash, controls, and gauges, with some nice enhancements from TMI. Among the improvements are two comfortable bucket seats, auxiliary gauges mounted to the underside of the dash, and a big Sport-Comp tach mounted to the top of the dash.

The Apache name was first used by Chevrolet for its light-duty trucks for the 1958 model year. Sales for 1959 were strong, which means finding parts for these pickups is relatively easy. Still, tracking one down that’s like this would likely be impossible. You can buy this unique Chevy truck through Garage Kept Motors.

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