Scaled-Down 1958 Ferrari 250TR Is Identical To '58 Le Mans Racer

Feb 5, 2020 2 min read
Scaled-Down 1958 Ferrari 250TR Is Identical To '58 Le Mans Racer

Built for the most discerning of Ferrari connoisseurs.

We've already seen how detailed Amalgam Collection builds model cars like this 1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV, but the company's latest creation is incredibly accurate and historically correct. Meet the 1:8 scale model of the Ferrari 250TR "Lucybelle II" that raced in the 1958 24 Hours of Le Mans, and this model is painted to match exactly how the car looked following the race (shown below).

Amalgam Collection is only handrafting three versions of these race-weathered Ferraris, and each will be carry a price of $13,970 each (or just four payments of $3,492.50). If that's too rich (or if you don't act fast enough), you can still get the non-raced version of for only $11,995, although it's worth noting that this 1:8 scale model measuring 24 inches long is still more expensive than the price someone just paid for a 1:1 scale version of a 1957 Corvette!

What you get for that price might be one of the most highly detailed model cars ever made. Not only did Amalgam Collection work with Ferrari to determine the car's original finishes and source archived imagery for post-race condition, Ferrari's engineering and design departments also inspected the final scale models for accuracy. It's a well-known fact that Ferrari is overprotective of its brand image (just as the Faux-rrari builders of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Miami Vice), so the fact that Maranello signed off on this model really says something about the overall quality and accuracy.

The no. 22 Ferrari 250TR was a privateer entry piloted by American drivers Ed Hugus and Ray Erickson, and it was one of 11 Ferrari teams entered in the race. The factory Scuderia Ferrari team ended up winning the 1958 24 Hours of Le Mans, while Lucybelle II finished in seventh.

1958 Ferrari 250TR '58 Le Mans Winner 1:8 Scale Model
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