Super Rare 1954 Packard Henney Jr Ambulance Needs A Loving Home

Jul 12, 2019 2 min read

With a fascinating history, this is the kind of car you want in your collection.

Emergency vehicles, just like first responders, live a hard life. This charming 1954 Packard Henney Jr Ambulance certainly saw plenty of action in its day, adding to its appeal. Not only is the ambulance preserved in its original state, it’s one rare bird. Only 120 were made for 1954 and a mere 500 were manufactured between 1953 and 1954. Quite possibly you won’t see another one like this, and you can thank the Chicago Car Club for providing the opportunity to buy it.

Super Rare 1954 Packard Henney Jr Ambulance Needs A Loving Home

Normally you wouldn’t expect an ambulance to look like this, and not just because of the unique shape of the Packard Henney Junior. The original two-tone blue over blue paint doesn’t really scream emergency vehicle, although the bright red gumball light mounted to the roof does. There’s also a beacon ray, just in case you like to spotlight people at night. A nice patina adds plenty of character, not that this old ambulance is lacking at all in that department.

Yes, this car isn’t running, and the seller states that cylinder #3 appears to be stuck, so this is an ideal project for someone willing to put in some time fixing it. Many of the electrical systems work, including the headlights, taillights, and siren.

You’ll find the blue interior is original and in shockingly good shape. The headliner isn’t falling, the seats are in good repair, and all the gauges, switchgear, and other hardware are present.

The goodies don’t stop there. Included with this classic ambulance are the original stretcher used to transport patients, plus a cot, oxygen tanks, and other vintage medical equipment. This vehicle really is like a rolling time capsule, making it endlessly fascinating.

This ambulance was created as a collaborative effort between two long-gone American automakers, Packard and Henney. It was a smaller version of the long-wheelbase “Professional” line, which were often used as hearses and ambulances. Thanks to poor financial management, Henney had to increase prices of this car, which choked demand and spelled doom. This is why production numbers for the Packard Henney Jr are so low, making them quite collectible.

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