Take A Ride On This 1950 Cushman Step-Through Scooter

Aug 22, 2019 2 min read
Take A Ride On This 1950 Cushman Step-Through Scooter

Turn some heads as you zip by in a bright red color, no less.

If you’ve been looking for a fun addition to your garage, you may want to consider this 1950 Cushman Step-Through Model 60 series scooter. It is currently up for sale through Classic Auto Mall for $8,000, and you can make an offer on the vehicle right here. In case you were wondering, the series/model is denoted by the tapered outward turtleback cowling design. This example is a looker in its bright red color and is clean with minimal paint chips. It’s a good runner with a two-speed shifter that makes it a hoot to take for a ride. Just look at this vintage scooter in all its 1950’s restored glory.

Take A Ride On This 1950 Cushman Step-Through Scooter

Starting at the exterior, this 1950 Cushman scooter is presented in a glorious red paint that appears to be in good condition and nicely preserved. Take a closer look and you’ll notice the chromed coil-sprung suspension in the front and rear as it rides on wide white 4.75 x 7.75 tires. A large square tan vinyl seat with red piping makes for a nice contrasted look. The black rubber footrest and area underneath the small front cowl will keep your feet dry if you get caught out in a rain shower. The rear “trunk” lifts up to reveal the barrel-style gas tank, and a small storage area can be found at the rear of the scooter. You’ll also like the ergonomically placed handlebars are ergonomically with a twist throttle and outboard pedals for braking and clutch.

This 1950 Cushman Step-Through Model 60 series scooter is powered by a 290cc engine, which is tucked within the turtleback cowling. It’s mated to a two-speed manual transmission for added enjoyment. This engine is a Cushman Husky Model 17 M8-5 with a bore of 2 7/8 inches and a stroke 2 ¾ inches. A one-barrel carburetor is attached and provides plenty of pep for the motor. If you examine the undercarriage, you will find strong steel horizontal girders welded to an I-beam style frame. It is sturdy, rust-free, and houses the underpinnings of the scooter.

Take A Ride On This 1950 Cushman Step-Through Scooter

Founded in 1901 as a manufacturer of small internal-combustion engines for farm equipment and boats, the Cushman Motor Works company added motor scooters to its product lineup in 1936. The Cushman scooter filled a gap between bicycles and motorcycles; passenger and cargo models were available. Farmers, salesmen, housewives, and people from other walks of life ran errands, made deliveries, and enjoyed pleasure trips on this fun vehicle. In particular, the Cushman scooter expanded personal mobility for two generations of young people. Some states required a driver's license, while others did not.

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