1937 Cadillac 7529 Convertible Sedan Shows Muted Depression Luxury

Jul 4, 2019 2 min read
1937 Cadillac 7529 Convertible Sedan Shows Muted Depression Luxury

Unlike during the Roaring Twenties, luxury cars were pretty low-profile in the 1930s.

When you think of Cadillac, you likely call to mind different flashy elements of their cars, especially those produced in the first half or so of the Twentieth Century. That’s why seeing this 1937 Cadillac 7529 Convertible Sedan can be a bit of a shock. Instead of a look-at-me exterior, you get a car that’s fairly plain in its outward appearance. That’s not to say this isn’t an attractive classic, but it lacks the boatloads of chrome and other pizazz that put Cadillac on the map. Still, this ride is a product of its time and serves as a valuable remembrance of a time when many Americans were struggling financially.

The dark green paint that coats those nearly flawless body panels is in good condition, with a nice polish to it. You’ll also notice the brightwork on the grille, bumpers, and even the dog dish hubcaps is quite brilliant. Like a true luxury car from the time, the two spares mounted to the front fenders are both covered. A light tan cloth top is new, so there’s no damage and it matches the excellent presentation of the rest of the car. Wide whitewall tires complete the classic look on the outside. The interior is also in great condition and is mostly original, plus it includes a divider window for the passengers. This a ride you can proudly put on display at a show.

Restoration work also involved rebuilding the engine and other mechanical systems. This ride operates well, so it’s ready to cruise and be shown off.

During the Great Depression, demand for luxury vehicles decreased dramatically. That was due in part to the fewer numbers of people who could afford them, and also because many people didn’t want to deal with the incessant harassment heaped on them by the general public for owning such a car. For these reasons, production numbers for the 1937 Cadillac 7529 were quite low, making this particular car rare and desirable for that fact alone. Classic Car Club of America, which is offering this Cadillac for sale, says the vehicle history from the time it was brand new is known. That ads much richness to this vehicle, and makes owning it that much more exciting.

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