Beautiful 1930 Packard 740 Super Eight Phaeton Hits The Market

Jul 4, 2019 2 min read
Beautiful 1930 Packard 740 Super Eight Phaeton Hits The Market

You won’t see many of these stunners pretty much anywhere these days.

It’s always fascinating to see what luxury was like at a time long ago. This 1930 Packard 740 Super Eight Phaeton showcases how the affluent got around right before the Great Depression struck. With a long hood, driver/mechanic compartment separated from the passenger seating, and other striking details, this ride is a true jewel.

Beautiful 1930 Packard 740 Super Eight Phaeton Hits The Market

This Packard went through a restoration 20 years ago, thanks to the previous owner who owned the car for a long time. That restoration addressed both cosmetic and mechanical issues, so you get to enjoy the best of both.

A beautiful exterior greets anyone as this classic is parked or driving down the road. A well-polished coat of white paint contrasts nicely with the black convertible top, with both in good repair. Body panels are straight and free of major blemishes. Freshly redone chrome sparkles in the sunlight, highlighting areas like the front grille, bumpers, and rear luggage rack. The Packard Adonis decorative radiator cap, which depicts a partially reclining woman, is complete and polished to show off details. All the glass is free of cracks, including on the headlight lenses. Red wire wheels wear a fresh coat of paint, while polished hubcaps, wide whitewall tires, and black covers for the spares mounted to the front fenders complete the period looks on the exterior.

You get the same faithful level of restoration for the interior, including fresh upholstery, rich wood inlays, original instruments, and the sectioned-off passenger area where owners would commonly ride in the lap of luxury. All chrome for the interior has also been redone, too.

The Super Eight flathead 8-cylinder engine used in this Packard produces 105-horsepower, which was quite a bit back when it came out. It was also known to be reliable, so owners enjoyed all that power without having to fix the engine as often, which was a nice bonus you also get to benefit from today. What’s more, the porcelain manifolds have been restored, taking the engine compartment back to its original condition.

Before WWII, Packards like this one were considered quite luxurious, yet they sold for a bargain relative to other high-end brands like Duesenberg.  Packard was also the only independent American luxury automaker to survive the Great Depression, standing as a testament to its lasting popularity. If you want to add this classic Packard to your collection, you can do so through the Classic Car Club of America, which is offering this vehicle for sale.

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