1934 Plymouth PE Hot Rod Comes With Tons Of Custom Upgrades

Jun 20, 2019 2 min read
1934 Plymouth PE Hot Rod Comes With Tons Of Custom Upgrades

This thing is like one giant toy that’s a blast to play with.

Plenty of custom hot rods are on the market, but many of them come with some predictable, albeit popular, upgrades. While this 1934 Plymouth PE has been given some of the traditional hot rod treatments, it has enough extras to make it a highly unique and compelling car to add to any collection. The opportunity to own this interesting classic comes by way of Legendary Motors.

According to the seller, this hot rod was built a while ago, but it appears to have been maintained well. It has a straight body with consistent panel gaps, while the car’s underside is clean, so you don’t need to worry there. As for the red paint, it will impress people, but close inspection reveals some imperfections that would be an issue at a competitive show. Still, this is a car you can polish up and take for a weekend drive, drawing plenty of stares.

A custom-built trailer is included. It looks like an old Coca-Cola cooler on wheels, with the same red paint as the car. Brake lights, a bottle opener, and a locking lid make it more practical. The underside of the hinged lid is mirrored, adding to the glitzy looks. Take this thing to your tailgate gatherings and you’ll have enough cold ones for everyone.

The rumble seat in the rear has been removed, so there’s a large trunk in this car. A custom gray cloth interior looks fantastic, plus it comes with vintage gauges. Some modern upgrades like a cassette stereo and a removable roof panel are also thrown in for good measure.

Motivating this cool ride is a 318ci V8 with finned valve covers and air cleaner cover, plus a Holley carb and the factory manifolds. Four-wheel disc brakes, a Ford front end, and a GM rear end help keep this hot rod under control.

This is an extremely unique car, even for a custom hot rod build. If you’re looking for something that will really stand out, plus that has some practical features, this car could be a perfect fit.

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