Grab An Ultra-Rare 1931 Buick 95 Phaeton

Dec 4, 2019 2 min read
Grab An Ultra-Rare 1931 Buick 95 Phaeton

This car is a bona fide American classic.

There are quite a few good reasons to be interested in this 1931 Buick 95 Phaeton being offered by Ideal Classic Cars. One of the top reasons is that this car is incredibly rare. A mere 392 were built originally, and out of those only a few have been documented to still be in existence. This is not the kind of vehicle you take to a car gathering and see another like it.

Grab An Ultra-Rare 1931 Buick 95 Phaeton

When buying a classic car, there’s always the concern about whether what you’re buying is authentic or not. While you can inspect a vehicle top to bottom, missing small details which could indicate a clever fabrication is more common than you might believe. Fortunately, this Buick is a Classic Car Club of America Approved Full Classic. It’s an extra reassurance that what you’re paying for you’re actually getting.

Because this car is a CCCA Approved Full Classic, you could use it in sanctioned CCCA events in your region or anywhere else in the country. Those events are a great way to show off your ride and get to know other classic American car owners.

You get a correct 345ci valve-in-head straight-eight engine with automatic spark advance in this Buick 95. It works with a 3-speed synchromesh manual transmission. For the early 1930s that setup was quite cutting-edge, making it of historical importance.

Looking good and period-correct in Cream with Vermillion stripes, the exterior of this Buick will impress even people who don’t know anything about classic cars. So will the oil-tanned leather interior, making this a particularly stylish way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon drive. A number of factory features are still included on this car, like electric windshield wipers, a folding cloth top, mesh radiator guard, fender-mounted spare tires, a trunk, rearview mirror, and side mirrors.

If you want to make an offer on this car or get more specific details, contact Ideal Classic Cars. The company has a nice selection of vehicles for sale and offers financing options as well. You can even sell your car at the same time.

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