Over 100 Classic American Muscle Cars Heading To Auction

Jun 4, 2019 2 min read
Over 100 Classic American Muscle Cars Heading To Auction

It's time for this collection of iconic cars to find a new home. Those looking for restoration projects should take note.

As we head into summer, many of us would have done a ‘spring clean’ around the house, clearing it of junk that may have loitered since winter. Bill Johnson is currently tidying his property, but instead of getting rid of old furniture or broken garden equipment, he’s sorting through his car collection consisting of over 100 classics.

Johnson started buying and restoring cars as a youngster, a passion he never gave up and continued to fund with his job in construction. He collected many muscle cars from across the automotive spectrum, but got the nickname ‘Coyote’ after hunting down a number of Plymouth Road Runners.

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Bill is in the process of sorting through his vast number of cars, some of which needed to be stored on friend’s land due to the sheer volume of classics. Many of these cars have lived in steel sheds over the years, with their custodian regularly checking to make sure local wildlife hadn’t made a Barracuda into a nest. He also insured they were prepared for storage by draining the gas tanks and keeping them dry.


Within this collection of over 100 cars, there’s reportedly several Chevrolet Camaros, coupe and convertible Plymouth Barracudas, Road Runners, Chevy Impalas, and several Pontiac GTOs to name just a few. Some have been modified, but all are said to be in a fair condition and perfect for some restoration.

While Bill Johnson is proud of his collection, he thinks it’s now time to let others enjoy these cars instead of them collecting dust. The 14 September 2019 auction will be run by Yvette Vanderbrink at the at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Red Oak, Iowa.

Many of these classics are sought after machines today, especially once that appear to have been well preserved. With a bit of elbow grease, this should make for a mighty fine fleet of restored American muscle cars.

Source: Van Der Brink Auctions

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