1 Of 1 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Manual Transmission Available

Mar 12, 2019 2 min read
1 Of 1 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Manual Transmission Available

As the only 430 Scuderia with stick shift, this Ferrari is surely the best of this iconic Italian beast

The Ferrari F430 is a car we all know, love and immediately recognise. The successor to the 360 Modena was truly phenomenal and was the bedroom poster successor to the F40. That was, of course, until the 430 Scuderia screeched onto the scene. Notice, interestingly, that the Scuderia did away with the F. No one knows why, but perhaps the Italians wanted to save even more weight because they knew we all recognised it?

The 430 Scuderia was the lightweight version of the F430 and judging by prices over the years, it’s the one everyone wants. We mean everyone. On average you will have to pay two and a half times as much for a Scuderia as a standard F430. You could literally have two F430’s in your garage and a fairly new Range Rover for the price of one of these, so they are pretty special. The one featured here however, is worth even more. So much more.

2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Manual

With just 1550 Scuderias produced, it’s no wonder prices are on the rise still. That said, the real reasons lie beneath those gorgeous lines. The Scuderia shaved an incredible 220 pounds off the standard car, which for most car types would be rather impressive, however this is a Ferrari. A car that was already built for speed. Then add in the fact that unlike most lightweight special editions, this one kept its electronic climate control and electric mirrors.

Sound insulation was binned, along with all stitched leather and carpet. The exquisite leather door cards were thrown out too, and replaced with solid carbon fiber units. Carbon fiber details feature everywhere on the model, along with some exclusive features specifically for the Scuderia, such as the beautiful alloy wheels and aggressive front bumper.

2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Manual

As if this car could blow us away any further, the one featured in European Auto Group's YouTube video takes it one, very large step, further. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the only six-speed manual transmission Scuderia in the world. Using only Ferrari factory parts, this is the closest you will get to an OEM manual Scuderia. With the iconic open gate gearbox, this has to be the best 430 Scuderia experience money can buy. Literally, as its the only one.

The vehicle featured in this video is listed for sale here at $389,900.

2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Manual

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