This One-of-55 Buick Special Convertible Has Been Completely Restored And It is Selling At GAA

Mar 16, 2023 2 min read
This One-of-55 Buick Special Convertible Has Been Completely Restored And It is Selling At GAA

This classic car is special, pun intended.

In the 1950s Buick was operating a full swing and testing the limits of their effect on the automotive market. As we all know, the later part of the 1960s really was the time this brand came to life but that certainly doesn’t mean one should sleep on the 50s cruisers. In fact, this 1956 Buick Special is one of only 55 produced making it an incredibly rare car On the market. So, aside from the rarity, what other cool features does this car contain?

Unlike a lot of cars for its time, this Buick came with power steering and power brakes making it way easier to drive and some of its counterparts. On top of that, you’ve got the cream and pink exterior two-tone that really leaves an impression on anybody who looks at the car. That’s the kind of stuff that made it attractive to buyers back in the day but some of the cooler features or ones you have to look up a little bit harder to notice. One search feature option is the exhaust which comes through the rear bumper instead of under it.

If you’re the sort of collector that enjoys hearing stories about their car, then you’ll be glad to know that this vehicle's history is pretty easily accessible. According to the ad, the vehicle features only Georgia registration, making it pretty easy to trace throughout the years. Topping everything off has to be the full nut and bolt restoration which makes it possible for you to enjoy your car without the fear that typically comes with a vintage automobile. Driving down the road, you look classy and unique all while realizing that you’re driving one of only 55 models like it on the road. The only question is, will that be you behind the drivers wheel. See it here.

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