Slab Sided: 1966 GMC Suburban

Dec 31, 2020 2 min read
Slab Sided: 1966 GMC Suburban

It's rare to see this early SUV in panel delivery guise.

The Suburban is one of the original sport utility vehicles. It was built to haul lots of people – and their stuff – across difficult terrain. Now that SUVs are more popular than ever, it's easy to understand why the classics are so in demand.

Take, for example, this 1966 Suburban that we found right here on Motorious. It was recently subjected to a "no expense spared" restoration, and is likely one of the nicest early Suburbans in the world at this point.

Image Via GR Auto Gallery

1966 marked the final year for the panel truck body style seen here. As early Suburbans go, it's the rarest of the rare.

According to the ad, it was restored in 2006 at a cost of $50,000. In 2015, it was repainted in Stealth Blue, which added another $15,000 to the receipt folder. In our opinion, the modern steely metallic blue color goes well with the equally modern five spoke steel wheels.

Image Via GR Auto Gallery

There's also a custom modern interior, making the interior of this classic SUV a more pleasant place to spend time. All of the modern conveniences are here – comfortable power seats, air conditioning, and a great stereo. Who wants to go on a  road trip?

Under the hood, you'll find a 454 cubic inch big block V8 fed by a four barrel carburetor on an aftermarket aluminum intake manifold. It's got plenty of power to move this machine around and then some.

Image Via GR Auto Gallery

Three-pedal fans rejoice: there's a five speed manual transmission behind that massive V8. This thing should be an absolute riot to drive.

If this classic SUV is just what you've always wanted, you can buy it from GR Auto Gallery in Traverse City, Michigan for $44,900.

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