Immaculate 1973 Bronco From 1600 Veloce For Sale on Bring A Trailer

Sep 2, 2022 2 min read
Immaculate 1973 Bronco From 1600 Veloce For Sale on Bring A Trailer

With style and grace this Bronco makes quick work of the road and dirt trails.

The early generations of the Ford Bronco were filled with rumors of great performance with little tinkering and a wonderful exterior profile that had fans of the brand frothing at the mouths for decades. Both on and off the road, the Bronco was a very capable sport utility vehicle with more than enough power and torque to get nearly any job done in style. So it's pretty easy to see why the vehicle has such a great reputation today with thousands of fans. Essentially, these were great offroaders back in the day with a combination of technology and classic styling, of which this particular vehicle is a great example.

On the outside it may seem like a great trail-blazing monster truck to those who are not so familiar with lifted trucks. However, to those who know their stuff, this is a pretty mild vehicle all things considered, which is definitely not a bad thing. The lift is strong and makes a point of looking utilitarian rather than just riding extremely high off the ground. Of course, form typically comes with function and some of the best examples of truly unique and beautiful modifications have been done in such a way that it makes driving the vehicle more enjoyable. This was certainly the case of the suspension of this Bronco and you have to respect the dedication to detail its owners and builders had in common.

Under the hood is an engine which should be more than capable of spinning the BFGoodrich All-terrain T/A K02 tires both on the road and on a dirt track. Utilizing 302 cubic inches of displacement, this powertrain is one of Ford’s most highly sought-after and supported engines on the market. As if you needed any more convincing, that powerhouse is then mated to a three-speed manual transmission whose sole purpose is to make driving this truck fun. This Bronco was built for someone who respects old technology and wants to use it how it was originally intended. The only question is, does that sound like you?

This vehicle is being sold by the To learn more about consignment and to see their other services, including winter storage and restoration visit

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