Holman-Moody Ford Struts Its Stuff On The Auction Block

Nov 18, 2021 2 min read
Holman-Moody Ford Struts Its Stuff On The Auction Block

This insane racing vehicle is one of America’s most iconic American supercars to ever hit the racing circuit.

Holman-Moody has become highly iconic within the automotive industry, especially in the NASCAR fandom. This is mainly due to their incredible role in shaping the way we build our race cars and helping to cement the distinctly American idea of always being the best into the hearts of enthusiasts across the nation. Everything from Nascar to road racing has seen these incredible cars fighting tooth and nail to take home the prize every time rubber touches asphalt. Nowadays, the company produces racing cars that push what an American speed demon can do. However, the classics are the actual diamonds in the rough.

This car is a beautiful example of such a vehicle as it sports the classic style of an aerodynamic racing vehicle. That style is combined with the incredible 377 ci Ford SVO V8, which boasts a ridiculous 600 wheel horsepower sent through a Hewland LG-600 transaxle transmission. That power plant is assisted by the Gurney-Weslake heads and four Weber carburetors which make power in abundance. Being a car from 1967, this vintage Holman-Moody Ford Honker II has been beautifully restored over its lifetime and is now ready to tear up the track once again.

It's difficult to tell if the exterior is original due to all the stickers and racing-inspired paint. Still, we can say that this car is instantly recognizable to enthusiasts everywhere. The front and rear canards show you that this thing means business, and with as much power as this thing is putting down, it needs it. Finally, the interior is the standard race-car design. This means that there is only one seat, the gauge is substantial to allow the driver sight of all necessary information, and "carpets" are not in the vocabulary. This is a race car, through and through, and any automotive enthusiast would be delighted to get their hands on it.

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