Charges Dropped Against Car Collector Who Used Gemballa Mirage GT As Wrecking Ball In NYC

Mar 23, 2021 2 min read
Charges Dropped Against Car Collector Who Used Gemballa Mirage GT As Wrecking Ball In NYC

How was this get dismissed?

Sometimes a car crash is completely unavoidable, other times not so much. However, the unfortunate case of Benjamin Chen, an exotic vehicle collector, is quite confusing, to say the least. After a rampage on the streets of New York City in which he hit a total of 5 cars, this eventually resulted in charges being brought down on the billionaire. Now almost a year later all charges have been dropped and the case has been dismissed. Why would someone who caused copious amounts of damage to other's personal property to be acquitted of their crimes you ask? The answer may surprise you.

Check out a Mercedes tearing up in NYC here.

The aforementioned charges included reckless driving and the operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs. This resulted in a high-speed crash into several stationary vehicles. Needless to say, the front end of the heavily-modified Porsche Carrera GT was completely crushed, although the damage to the supercar was quite severe, Benjamin kept driving and eventually ended up crashing into three other cars. This makes a combined total of 5 parked cars that Mr. Chen allegedly totaled. However, recently the ruling has been made to dismiss the case under the pretense that there was no substantial evidence to prove without reasonable doubt that the case can be proven.

Despite the several videos proving that Mr. Chen did commit these crimes and the case has been dismissed. There is little information provided as to why the court came to this conclusion. Could it be a case of bribery, police error, or simply the passage of time resulting in less viable evidence? Unfortunately, it appears as though we will never know. Either way, this story should serve as a warning against drunk or reckless driving. Not everyone is a billionaire who can get away with literally anything, it is currently unknown what the state of the Porsche is. This is an extremely interesting story and a good lesson, looking into the way our society works along with the danger of reckless driving.

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