Classic Ford Bronco Rendering To Race Truck Is An Interesting Remake

Sep 10, 2021 1 min read
Classic Ford Bronco Rendering To Race Truck Is An Interesting Remake

We’ve seen a lot of classic remixes, and this one is just as interesting!

While some people might spend time looking for accessories for your Ford Bronco like top-rated window deflectors or off-road lights, others are up to something else. Take for example a recent rendering that’s making the rounds, that makes the Ford Bronco less of a Classic Ford Bronco than it’s ever been before. This Ford Bronco is ready to hit the track, and no the dirt track either.

Alas, this Ford Bronco rendering has absolutely no use for any of the top-rated window deflectors as it is meant to grab pavement and boogie on down the paved straightaway of a 1/8th mile or quarter mile track, pick your poison.

The Instagram user, kalim_gh, says the inspiration behind the rendering is “When you have a bronco but race car is life.” And the user takes the Ford Bronco and strips it nearly all the way down. The slammed rendering has no hood, leaving room to accommodate large twin turbochargers, and behind the front seats is nearly a cage.

Ready to tear around the streets, the squatted Bronco has practically no ground clearance to speak of, and track tires would cause it to spin completely out on the trails, or even just an unfriendly piece of pavement. The digital tires are more track friendly than anything, and the rest of the build has been lately stripped away, with just a roll cage left. What are your thoughts?

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