Brown and Beautiful: 62,000 Mile 1987 Toyota 4Runner

Oct 23, 2020 2 min read
Brown and Beautiful: 62,000 Mile 1987 Toyota 4Runner

It's been years since we've seen a 4Runner this nice.

Classic Japanese cars are just beginning to get their due in the collector car marketplace. A select few, however, got a head start. Datsun 510s and early Z cars have been desirable for a long time, and Toyota's early Land Cruisers and trucks have maintained a loyal following since they were new.

Image Via Motorgroup Auto Gallery

These Toyota trucks have a stellar reputation for reliability that persists to the present day. Some of these trucks have been documented to last for hundreds of thousands of miles in some remarkably harsh environments.

But what would happen if you had the chance to buy one of these classic Toyota trucks with low mileage, in great condition? Would you jump at the opportunity? We know that several people would – remember, these trucks have a downright rabid fan base.

Image Via Motorgroup Auto Gallery

We found this 1987 Toyota 4Runner at Motorgroup Auto Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. It's one of the nicest examples of the breed we have ever seen, by a long shit.

With just under 62,000 miles, this doesn't look like a nearly quarter-century old truck. Instead, it looks like it could have been built just a couple of years ago. As the ad states, "It’s as if time stood still."

Image Via Motorgroup Auto Gallery

We would heartily agree with that sentiment. The gorgeous brown paint, gold striping, and tan interior all look amazing. Even the wheels look untouched by the endless forward march of time.

Of course, perfection doesn't come cheap. If you want to own what may be the nicest original 4Runner left in the world, be prepared to pay dearly. With an asking price of $43,995, it's unlikely that this 4Runner will ever see daily use again. We hope it remains pampered and perfect in the years to come.

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