1979 GMC K2500 Helps Find Your Inner Beast

Nov 10, 2022 2 min read
1979 GMC K2500 Helps Find Your Inner Beast

Or maybe to kill beasts…

If there’s one thing your car collection likely is lacking, it’s an old hunting truck. You might be lying to yourself, saying your 2003 Ford F-150 with the tick of death qualifies since you hit Bambi with it back in 2007, shamelessly scooping the roadkill into the bed for some of that sweet venison jerky. But your Blue Oval doesn’t look anywhere near as rugged as this beastly 1979 GMC K2500, a certified manly pickup.

See the old car billboard exposed by a storm here.

According to the seller, he’s the original owner and has used it primarily for hauling dead carcasses and firewood, as intended. What you might be lacking in manliness this truck will help to fill in those yawning voids in your life, plus it looks cool.

After all, this old pickup comes loaded with rugged character. The blue paint job looks absolutely unique so there’s no mistaking this for one of the many pretty trucks or those girlie crossovers in the grocery store parking lot.

The owner says this K2500 is pretty much factory original. You won’t see any crazy modifications like a big blower, nitrous system, or any of that nonsense because it doesn’t need anything of the sort. Instead, this is a pickup for getting things done with its 350 V8 and manual transmission, a dependable machine which won’t squawk at you for not wearing a seatbelt or make you use a touchscreen to change the radio station.

Other than a few spots of rust, this sounds like one solid machine. What’s more, the bed has a nice spray-on bedliner, not one of those drop-in types, perfect for weathering the elements without problems.

If you think you’re up to the sacred duty of owning this rustic 1979 GMC K2500, check out its listing here.

Photos via Hagerty

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