1972 Porsche 911S Made In The Style Of The Iconic RSR

Jul 5, 2022 2 min read
1972 Porsche 911S Made In The Style Of The Iconic RSR

This sharp German sports car is the pinnacle of European performance vehicles.

Porsche is world-renowned for its incredible design and style, which has made them the very image of a stock example, an unmissable sign of performance. However, these vehicles have become more than just racing cars or machines built for the vast roads of Germany. Instead, the symbol of any Porsche, the 911 especially, is a show of power and class both on and off the track. Offering some of the most unique stylings in the European automotive market, the 911 has become known across the globe for its style. This particular car is a beautiful example of that iconic design and how stunning it can genuinely be when well preserved.

Built in 1972, this Porsche 911S was made to resemble a vehicle well known to Porsche enthusiasts with a knack for high performance. The RSR has long been considered the most desirable of the Porsche racing-type models, known primarily for its wide-body and vented exterior panels. Like many Porsches that came before it, these cars were made for function over form, making them so appealing to enthusiasts worldwide. Of course, these vehicles have become extremely rare, which is precisely why this 911S was created by PS Automotive as a tribute to the RSR style. So what is so unique about this car that it is worthy of assuming that iconic performance nameplate?

First of all, the powertrain is a fiery 2.8-liter flat-six engine capable of some astounding horsepower and torque figures for its time. With this increased power comes a great need for handling and stability modifications which are clearly abundant in this build. One such upgrade includes sway bars from a 930 Turbo and the brake calipers from the same model. In addition, a sturdy roll bar has become vital to this great sports car, ensuring safety and rigidity throughout. Even the interior resembles the best racing cars with a MOMO steering wheel and performance seats, making driving a comfortable and safe experience. That's why you should consider this incredible 1972 Porsche 911S for your automotive collection.

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