1970 Ford Mustang Flexes With A Cobra-Jet V8 Powertrain

Apr 8, 2022 2 min read
1970 Ford Mustang Flexes With A Cobra-Jet V8 Powertrain

This car’s engine bay is home to Carroll Shelby’s finest V8.

Have you ever seen a car and immediately thought to yourself, "I have to have that"? As automotive enthusiasts, we have all likely experienced this form of nostalgic longing for a vehicle that seems almost unattainable at the time. That car, for many, was the first generation Mustang which they soon realized was not nearly as hard to get as they once imagined. In all likelihood, this particular car brings back some memories for you, the reader, as it did for us. This Mustang may be the perfect car for you, but there is one question that we need to answer first. Why should it be?

First up on the list is the gorgeous exterior which has seemingly been kept in nearly perfect condition since its original owner in 1970. This car is from a special breed of pony cars explicitly made for high-speed fun, supported by the many decals and graphics displayed across the body. This alludes to a special surprise waiting under the hood but definitely commands respect as on-looks watch the car race by. This certainly isn't your grandma's old straight-six or 302. Instead, the car has one of the most desirable engines in a Ford Mustang.

As you may have already guessed, this powerful car is host to a massive 428 ci Cobra-Jet V8 engine capable of nearly 500 horsepower in 1970. While the age of the engine probably affects its ability to still produce that insane figure, the car has been kept in excellent condition and still kicks like a mule. This is one of Carroll Shelby's most remarkable creations, and now you have the chance to get your hands on the engine that left the world with a dropped jaw. The only question to be answered now is if you can handle the massive powerhouse in all its glory.

This car is being represented by Alec Cartio, an automotive enthusiast, columnist for Sports Car Market and BMW aficianado. To see his films go to cartiologyfilms.com

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