Stolen Car Burned After Road Rage Shooting

Jul 19, 2022 1 min read
Stolen Car Burned After Road Rage Shooting

Crime continues raging out of control…

Sometimes three horrible things collide into an event so bad, you just have to stare at it for the train wreck that it is. That’s what we have with this car fire authorities responded to in Fife, Washington in the early morning hours of July 13. It involved a stolen car, road rage, and a shooting.

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According to police, the situation started when a man and a woman in a stolen BMW got into some sort of fight with another driver at a stop light. The other driver decided to start tailgating the Bimmer as both cars began driving down the road. That’s when someone in the BMW pulled out a gun and started shooting at the other vehicle, which then rammed the Bimmer from behind.

The BMW driver lost control and the car veered off the road, rolled down an embankment, then caught fire. However, the driver and female passenger climbed out before the fire spread. While the driver was injured and crawled a short distance from the inferno, the passenger took off on foot.

Police believe the fire was set by the driver of the other car to destroy evidence. After all, when you hit another vehicle you swap paint. Forensics can match spent rounds from a gun, too. Hopefully investigators are still able to figure out who was driving the other vehicle and track down the female passenger from the BMW. Obviously the driver should know who was riding with him, but that’s not a guarantee considering the kind of lifestyle he’s likely living.

We wish we felt shocked that a stolen car was used for joyriding and committing a crime. While some are chopped up and sold for parts, others are shipped off overseas, the thieves sometimes sell them to other criminals so they can have some fun and/or use them to commit more crimes. In other words, car thefts fuel other violent crimes so they’re absolutely a big deal.

Source and image: KIRO7

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