They’re not off-road rigs!

I’ve heard a number of people talk about how the human race is evolving and getting smarter with each generation. Considering how many people do absolutely stupid things these days, like entering a building through the door on your left, wearing jeans that look like you’ve been mauled by a grizzly, or driving muscle cars on off-road trails, I’m going to have to disagree with that assertion. Watching Matt’s Off Road Recovery pull yet another Dodge Challenger off a trail just reinforces that we as a society are going backwards. At least the splitter guard was still attached.

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It's bad enough that later in the video he rescues some guys in a two-wheel-drive Toyota Tacoma. Don’t even get me started on owning a two-wheel-drive truck and trying to take it anywhere off nicely groomed fire roads. But to take a car that’s not only heavy but also low to the ground and a two-wheel-drive machine on an actual trail is just not smart at all.

Of course, Matt is always really nice to these people. I think a lot of them aren’t from Southern Utah or anywhere near there, so once they’re outside of urban centers or suburban sprawl they’re pretty much clueless. Matt’s commented a lot of them see some Instagram post about a majestic spot in the area, they look up the “roads” leading to it, and they’re off in a rental Dodge Challenger to take on a trail that’s suitable for Jeeps. And by Jeeps I mean Wranglers or XJ Cherokees, not the grocery getters.

This has happened before and it will happen again. This also happens with quite a few people in Teslas. The grandma crossovers from Honda, Hyundai, etc. are also commonly used on trails they have no business venturing onto. But please tell me how humans are evolving into ever more intelligent creatures.

Muscle cars are for roads and tracks. A lot of them struggle with steep driveways, so taking one on a trail is asking to get stuck and possibly do some damage. If you want to watch how expertly Matt gets this Dodge Challenger off the trail, check out the video.

Images via YouTube

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