Ford Bronco Trail Fix Involves Welding Junk Onto It

Jun 19, 2024 2 min read
Ford Bronco Trail Fix Involves Welding Junk Onto It

And it’s all Ford’s fault…

There are growing controversies about the new Ford Bronco, like the hardtops rattling, leaking, etc. or the EcoBoost engines suddenly giving up the ghost. You might think this is all just propaganda put out by Stellantis, GM, Toyota, etc. or these reported problems might have spooked you from buying a Bronco until all the kinks are worked out. But wait, the fun of being an early adopter goes on as clearly shown in a recent Matt’s Off Road Recovery video.

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The crew, sans Matt or Rudy, take the Morvair to Sand Hollow State Park to rescue a new Ford Bronco. Instead of the shiny new Blue Oval off-roader getting stuck in some sand or something embarrassing like that, the issue was a bent tie rod. Look, it happens even to Jeeps and Land Cruisers, before anyone tells you differently, so that’s not all that bad.

Where the alarming thing happens is in the preparation for the trail rescue. Eric called the local Ford dealership for a replacement tie rod and learns none are in stock. These days with materials shortages all over that’s sadly not surprising. The shocking part was how he was told it would be two months before the dealer would have a tie rod in stock.

Since the sixth-generation Bronco hasn’t been out all that long, the aftermarket probably isn’t offering that many parts. And that’s where Jeeps have a huge advantage. You can get all kinds of ridiculous mods for a Wrangler, from and angry eyes grille to a tailgate bottle opener.

Eric got creative with the trail fix, cutting the bent portion of the tie rod as well as a pipe to length and welding it onto what was left of the tie rod. Sure, it’s not OEM perfect but it was enough to drive the Bronco out of the remote area and to an awaiting tow truck.

Check out the video of the rescue. It starts with the crew rescuing a stuck Nissan Xterra (the same vehicle Andy Bernard favored for a while) and finishes with a motorcycle rescue in Arizona by the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. If you want to skip straight to the Bronco rescue, go to 4:53 in the video.

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