Motorious Dealer Feature: Frazier Motorcar Company

Feb 2, 2022 2 min read
Motorious Dealer Feature: Frazier Motorcar Company

Jeff and Caitlin Frazier have spent their lives dedicated to their father daughter endeavor into the automotive industry and it definitely shows!

The Frazier Motorcar Company has been a significant player in the classic collector community despite its relatively young status in the automotive world simply because of its passion for vintage European roadsters. The story goes that the founder, Jeff Frazier, was attending college in the golden age of European sports cars. It seemed that nearly everyone in California was driving around in a classic European roadster in what was a cold winter season for the majority of the country. Fortunately for Jeff, California's beautiful weather kept the temperature nice and comfortable in CA, opening a fantastic opportunity for Mr. Frazier. His hometown was riddled with models like the ones he saw, but the demand was much higher in California because of the excellent weather. This led him to take a bus to Missouri, buy an Austin-Haley, and drive back to California, where he immediately sold the vehicle for the profit.

That is the ultimate origin story for such a great automotive company whose reputation continues to precede them to this day. Seven years of working his hands to the bone, buying and selling European classics led to a full-blown career in the automotive industry and eventually owning his own business. Of course, the official Frazier brand only truly began in 2017, but it was backed by over 40 years of experience in vintage car sales and knowledge in the field. With an initial capacity of over 4,000 Porsche air-cooled cars and a massive sum of other European models, Jeff and his family have made the company into a sturdy pillar within the automotive community.

Currently, the cars are stored in two separate warehouses, which serve as the perfect showroom setting for classic car collectors and enthusiasts alike. This is a family-owned classic car dealer with all of the passion and attention to detail that can only come with decades of dedication to the craft. You'll never find any imperfections when you buy from Fraizer, as every car is meticulously inspected by Jeff and his daughter/co-owner Caitlin Frazier. So if you're looking for a vintage European roadster with all the style and passion of a near-perfect condition model, The Frazier Motorcar Company is the place for you!

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