Motorcycle Monday: Harley-Davidson Hometown Rally

Aug 29, 2022 3 min read
Motorcycle Monday: Harley-Davidson Hometown Rally

Check this out for Labor Day weekend…

If you’re close enough to the Milwaukee area and are looking for something fun to do over Labor Day weekend, you might consider the Harley-Davidson Hometown Rally. Set to take place this year from Thursday, September 1 through Monday, September 5 at The Harley-Davidson Museum and six dealerships in the area, it promises to provide a little bit of something for everyone. While there will be plenty of bike-related activities, if your significant other is more interested in live music, food, and vendors, those are all part of the mix.

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But let’s be honest: for gearheads this is a non-stop, whirlwind festival to celebrate the hobby and help with rubbing shoulders with other enthusiasts. You’ll find bikes, bikes, and more bikes at each location. Not only will motorcycles featuring designs from different fabricators and businesses be prominently displayed, a lot of attendees will of course arrive on their own ride. Its’ a great chance to see all kinds of customizations and even a few rare Harleys.

You can take a few of the new Harleys for a demo ride during the event. These include the Nighster, Sportster S, and Pan America Special. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity, the rides will be available every day of the event except Monday and they’ll be rotating around the different locations (see the whole list through the link at the bottom of this article).

If what you love is to see crazy riding on Harleys, the different performance and stunt shows will allow you to breathe in plenty of smoky tire fumes. Watch professionals do some amazing burnouts, pop enormous wheelies, or ride in coordinated fashion. There will even be a police skills demonstration, proving that cops are more than competent riders.

Not everything is aimed just at the guys. A women-only ride will be held on Friday, September 2 at 9:30 am. The police-escorted ride will begin at The Harley-Davidson Museum, but be sure you register first. All proceeded go to Road Guardians to help reduce injuries and fatalities on roads.

Of course, there will be limited-edition merchandise to wear later so you can brag to all your buddies that you attended the event. The T-shirts, hoodies, etc. will be sold at The Harley-Davidson Shop at the Museum.

For Harley Group Owners, there’s a special tent where you can check in. An official Hometown Rally H.O.G. pin is awaiting, along with other perks like dealership rally tokens, with six available, one at each dealership.

For all the fine details, including the schedule of events during the Harley-Davidson Hometown Rally, click here.

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