Motorious Dealer Feature: Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta

Jan 27, 2022 2 min read
Motorious Dealer Feature: Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta

Located in Marietta, GA, one of Atlanta’s largest suburbs and Cobb County’s country seat, Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta is positioned perfectly serve not just Georgia, but buyers from all over the world. Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta was built on a vision to share our passion for cars. They consign, buy, or sell dream cars in a simple and satisfying process, and make the hobby more enjoyable and accessible.

At the core of their operation is a dedicated group of serious car enthusiasts who strive to achieve our company vision. No matter where you look, you'll see this ideal reflected throughout Collectible Motorcar operations. The “Collectible” in Collectible Motorcar means they don't focus on just one or two categories of vehicles. Collectible Motorcar believes there is a collector for every vehicle, and they strive to get the highest quality inventory they can find.

Buying From Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta

Before any car is listed for sale in the inventory of Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta, their highly skilled team spends hours going through each vehicle with thorough photos and videos to accurately represent the car, as if you were in their showroom. As mentioned, they have a physical showroom right outside of Atlanta you can make an appointment to visit, and find out why they are quickly becoming a major contender in the classic car dealer world. If you can’t make it to Atlanta, they are able to sell and ship a car to you anywhere in the world! Shop for your next car here.

Selling Your Car With Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta

Like you, the team at Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta is passionate about cars, so they totally understand the care you expect when you consign your car. They not only offer your vehicle the care and respect it deserves, they also know how to sell it. Let Collectible Motorcar of Atlanta take the pain out of dealing with tire kickers and non-serious buyers out to waste your time, and allow them to create a high-quality listing and representation to sell your car to real, vetted potential buyers. Learn more about cosigning your car here.

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