Rusty Plymouth Fury Wagon Rolls Hard In The UK

Jan 27, 2022 2 min read
Rusty Plymouth Fury Wagon Rolls Hard In The UK

It's an odd sighting across the pond.

To some people, this 1972 Plymouth Fury 400 Custom Suburban Station Wagon is just another rusty old car. In the march towards supposed progress and all that, many are overly eager to bury the past and embrace the shiny new object, or in this case a modern car loaded with all kinds of technologies we supposedly can’t do without. Then there are people like Mark, the owner of this rare Mopar wagon.

See footage of New York City traffic in the 1930s here.

In the video, you might notice Mark doesn’t have an American accent, so it might be surprising that he’s a huge fan of classic American cars. After all, we’re constantly told by media outlets people in other countries supposedly ridicule the rides we’ve produced. But in our experience things are more varied and complex, with plenty of foreigners admiring the loud, powerful, and large classic American cars.

This Plymouth is big, with those expansive body panels displaying a well-earned patina some definitely find off-putting. Mark, however, enjoys the rustic appearance, oiling up the exterior of the car instead of polishing it.

What’s even cooler is that Mark has turned this Fury into a rolling tribute to Americana, which feels so appropriate. Not only does he have an American flag on the antenna, there are more flags on the wagon, plus it has some surfer signs, some really cool tags, and of course the feelers up front (gotta have those).

Mark not only likes cruising around the UK in his big American station wagon, he likes using all that cargo space to haul around his different Americana memorabilia. We’re sure he gets plenty of admiring stares, even though there are some Brits who would mock his preference in automobiles.

Check out the videos shot by Hand Built Cars. The first is just the Plymouth with some cool music and the second one is the interview with the owner.

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