North America has some of the most impressive classic car museums on the planet.

America has an undying love for the automobile. Looking back at the classic automobile in modern days is how you see art and history combined in one. If you’re looking to see this rich history in person, here are some of the best classic car museums in the country.

Volo Auto Museum

Volo, Illinois

Volo is a family friendly auto museum near Chicago with tons of exhibits to visit. The facility houses some of the most highly-desirable collector cars you can find, and since a lot of them are up for sale, you can take home something to add to your collection. They also have an animatronic dinosaur adventure and host special things around the holidays like Cars and Costumes around Halloween - you’ll never hear ‘I’m bored’ from your kids if you take them here.

America's Car Museum

Tacoma, Washington

If you’re a car collector and find yourself in the northwest, America’s Car Museum guarantees that you will have an unforgettable experience. It has a variety of cars of all generations of automotive production, including some exceptional pre and post war cars. Additionally, its home to one of the most significant North American displays of historic Alfa RomeosIt also has a learning lab to inspire younger generations.

Blackhawk Museum

Danville, California

This museum in California is not just for car people, but has an exceptionally impressive classic car collection on exhibit. Both words priceless and pricey could be used to describe the collection, with quite a few one-of-a-kind pieces. There’s a strong emphasis on luxury and historically significant vehicles from all over the world.

The Henry Ford

Dearborn, Michigan

The Henry Ford sprawls over 25 acres and includes the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation and an immersive experience called the Greenfield Village. The village will put you back in time and allows visitors to feel what it was like during the Detroit boom. Visitors can even ride along in a Model T, a massive draw for automotive enthusiasts.

Lane Motor Museum

Nashville, Tennessee

The Lane Motor Museum is one of the few in North America to highlight European cars. More interestingly, they showcase cars that are not always museum quality, while some very much are. This gives you a true look at the natural aging of some notable and rare classic European cars.

Petersen Automotive Museum

Los Angeles, California

The Petersen is one of the most recognizable names, and they attract some of the most lavish car collections around. One thing about the Petersen, you won’t ever get tired of what you see, but you might also miss some interesting cars if you don’t plan accordingly. Given their location, they also attract some very famous car collectors as well.

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