El Camino Drag Car Is A Hulk Racer

Nov 9, 2022 1 min read
El Camino Drag Car Is A Hulk Racer

Crazy cars like this deserve your attention and chances are, it already has it.

Old school drag racers are some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet because of their high tolerance for danger and acceleration. As such, their cars reflect their passion for speed greatly and utilize some of the best technology available to get the job done right. This particular muscle car is a massive vintage muscle car with style unlike any other. Made in the style of a popular superhero, it’s easy to see where the car got it’s name but what makes it mechanically worthy to wear the label, Hulk-Camino?

First of all, the fun doesn’t start under the hood but rather the exterior with its seemingly shortened wheelbase. The various modifications performed onto the automobile have turned the car into the stuff of legends among local track enthusiasts. Its green body color gave it the name while everything else sealed it in the minds of enthusiasts as a beast in terms of performance and aggressive style. While the looks may be striking to say the least, it really is the drivetrain that makes the car a true gem on the track.

Powering the incredible dragster is a 400 cubic inch V8 engine which is a truly incredible price of automotive art. In total, about 800 horsepower is flowing through the old El Camino. That number is more than enough to rocket up to 140 mph without issue. Of course, the car wasn’t built for top speed but rather the quarter mile strip. For that reason, this car is one of the coolest custom classic racers this nation has ever seen.

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