Put these at the top of your muscle car wishlist.

There's nothing in the automotive world quite like an American muscle car. While the definition used to very specific, it's become quite broad over the years, even sparking heated debates at the Motorious offices. However, we generally agree that these are some of the best examples ever made.

Check out 6 of the coolest Hugger Orange muscle cars ever made here.

Plymouth Cuda

Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room, or large fish. Nothing has come close to touching the popularity of the Plymouth ‘Cuda. While there are some rare examples that flow through the web of the limited run from 1969 to 1974, and it’s one of the most talked about models when people are hoping for a comeback. With Dodge killing the Hellcats, it would be very surprising for that to happen, so the Cuda will likely exist in the way we know it, pretty much the perfect muscle car.

Oldsmobile Rocket 88

If you didn’t expect to see an Olds on this list, you’re about to have your mind blown. The Rocket 88, debuting in 1949, is often regarded as the very first muscle car. It was a light bodied car, built from the Olds 76, with a high-compression overhead valve V8 engine - checking all of the boxes.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

From the oldest to the newest, the Challenger Hellcat is one of the purest forms of modern muscle on the market. One could also argue that the 392 Scat Packs also fall into this category. Funny enough, the Challengers weren't regarded as muscle cars during their first years, but with the massive power figures they come with today, they check the box better than most anything on the market. It's a wonder why Dodge has officially put out the cancel call.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS With 396 Engine

Another debate we have around the office is if the Camaros were muscle cars, to which I take the side of, sometimes. While we always catagorize them as such now, but they don't always meet the creteria. When options with a 396 cubic inch engine, the 1967 Camaro RS/SS checks the boxes, and deserves a spot on this list. Same can be said with other pony cars, Mustang, Firebird, etc. during different renditions.

Pontiac GTO

Speaking of General Motors, this is one car no one would argue against being on this list. Most people cast aside the Olds 88 as the first car and put the GTO in its place as being the first muscle car, and we won't squabble too much with you if that's what you believe. Another one in the pocket of the moniker is that it had one of the only, successful modern comebacks as a muscle car, since the Challenger didn't actually start out that way. Bonus points for the Judge!

These are just some of the coolest muscle cars, tune back in when we explore 5 more!

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