Monotrack Bikes Are Awesome

Apr 24, 2024 3 min read
Monotrack Bikes Are Awesome

We’d like to see more creative projects like this…

Sadly, the enthusiasm for motorcycles in North America seems to be waning with each passing decade. The pinnacle was probably the 1920s, so with a century of cooling off sometimes it seems like a lot of people just look at two- or three-wheeled transportation as a death wish and nothing more. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for creative bike builds.

There’s no shortage of choppers out there with all kinds of over-the-top styling. Those have been a thing for a long time. While they certainly have a place in motorcycle culture, they’ve been done to death. However, this monotrack bikes are just the kind of fresh, interesting build which really piques our interest.

Sure, you could look at this as just a giant belt sander with a seat and not be wrong in that assessment. After all, it uses the same principles and general layout as the power tool – and what’s so bad about that? Sometimes the best ideas are some of the simplest, especially since a lot of people could imitate them or even use them as a basis for further evolved ideas.

The first one we’re aware of was built by YouTube channel Make It Extreme. The way they designed it, the monotrack allows the rider to lean back and basically pop and endless wheelie. Or the rider can lead forward and ride it what some would call the “correct” way, you know for safety and all that.

The video more or less walks you through the process of how this thing was made. Sure, it’s not a complete how-to, but if you’re handy enough you can figure it out. You might even realize there are better ways to build this monotrack bike, something it seems others have taken on themselves.

We were able to dig up a few videos of other monotrack bikes on YouTube which we can’t help but feel they were inspired by Make It Extreme. One is from the channel XenonJohn and it’s an electric monotrack with a similar layout. However, it’s not nearly as rowdy as the original.

If what you want is rowdy, there’s a Russian-built tank-tracked monotrack bike out there that looks like something US Special Operations could use. Not only does it promise the ability to hit some rugged trails, it comes with a jerrycan on the rear so you don’t get stranded during an expedition. We think this is an idea that could be further fleshed out into something even better.

Make It Extreme has come up with some other really innovative designs for all kinds of things, including for motorcycles. They made a wild monowheel bike a few years ago, which really made people stop and notice. Last year the channel also featured a small, one-wheeled motorcycle trailer. Drift trikes, a stretch bicycle, and an Endobike with one big wheel and two much smaller wheels behind it have all been featured on the channel. This all just goes to show if you’re willing to think outside the box, plus you have good fabrication skills, there’s no end to the crazy builds at your disposal.

We’re not advocating for a bunch of monotrack bikes taking over city streets – that would be dangerous and dumb. But these would be great for off-road applications, whether on a track, or elsewhere. Plus they could get kids excited about trying out dirt bikes and so on.

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