Australian Authorities Purposely Destroy Gearhead’s Car

Dec 22, 2022 2 min read
Australian Authorities Purposely Destroy Gearhead’s Car

Another case of property seizure just to destroy it…

A man dared to hoon his car (what we in America call performing a sick burnout) and that not only earned him prison time, authorities had his car destroyed on the steps of Queensland’s Parliament House. This coming from the same government which used strong physical force against peaceful protestors to keep everyone safe from going to the beach and parks for a couple of years.

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Far too many times, we’ve watched government officials destroy perfectly good cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles to show how tough and serious they are. We think it comes off with the same energy as a toddler breaking someone else’s toy because they didn’t like what they were doing. After all, do governments seize a white collar criminal’s house and knock it down “to send a message”?

While Queensland Police don’t want to say it, the photo of the burnout or “hoon” looks like it was part of a gender reveal party. After all, that’s some very blue smoke kicking up from the rear tires. This isn’t the first time someone has used these special tires which emit either blue or pink smoke to let everyone know the gender of their unborn child, but Australian authorities seem to think such behavior warrants a prison sentence and seizure/destruction of property.

In an official press release, police call the action “a strong message.” To have firefighters cut apart a vehicle on the steps of a legislative building seems unnecessarily brutal, but it was spun as a way for first responders to practice extracting crash victims from cars.

We think the message officials really wanted to send was clear: obey even the smallest of laws or else! Maybe plenty of Australians are okay with this, but we doubt most gearheads really are, even if in public they pretend to be. After all, even if doing a burnout warrants property seizure (which we’d argue is too much) why not just sell the vehicle at auction? Again, everyone knows why.

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