700-Mile Road Trip In Revived Corvette

Apr 21, 2021 2 min read
700-Mile Road Trip In Revived Corvette

This beautiful but in-need Corvette takes a daring trip across rough terrain.

After being burned and left to rot for god knows how long, the sleek, track-loving, coupe is ready to make a comeback in the form of restoration and a journey to test its newfound strength. The reasoning behind this complicated adventure is simple, there is a buyer approximately 700 miles from the 'Vette’s location who wants the car. After spending countless hours rebuilding and getting rid of some of the engine modifications, Derek with Vice Grip Garage will make the journey to trade the car for another car. If you are confused it's okay, so are we.

Only being driven 4 miles by the Vice Grip Garage host and with a huge supercharger under the hood, the little yellow 'Vette seems like the perfect ride for anyone looking to have a lot of fun. However, the engine has been caught on fire and the aforementioned mileage was put there doing burnouts. Four miles worth of burnouts. So there’s no telling what other kind of damage has been done to the drivetrain.  

The interior is an absolute wasteland, being filled to the brim with dirty water, mold, and forgotten parts. However, there is also a variety of forgotten treasures as some of the parts may be salvageable. Under the hood, the engine will be taking priority in this rebuild as most of the fire was located on the top and sides of the engine, so most of the top-end and the supercharger needs to be removed to get the car running. The plan seems to be to return the vehicle to the original stock engine set-up to get the most out of this pretty wrecked classic.

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